Express yourself with passion, clarity and authenticity

In my Presentation services, I show you how to do this on stage or on camera with passion, clarity and authenticity, enabling you to connect more deeply with friends, peers, customers and investors.

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I show you how to use my Speaking Octagon Process, which breaks down the elements of public speaking into 8 parts. The first 4 focuses on the internal - your power. The second half focuses on the external - your expression. When all 8 points are synchronised, you will be amazed how much you'll enjoy and connect with others behind a microphone. 

Benefits include: 

  • Establishing good posture

  • Learning how to breath

  • Creating an authentic sound from your core

  • Opening the full spectrum of your vocal chord

  • Connecting why, how and what you say

  • Getting to the point & using metaphor and poetic language

  • Creating the right tone, tempo and body language

  • Understanding your audience

Create an incredible Sales Pitch

Once you can communicate your Sales Pitch in under 30 seconds, you are then able to attract investors and customers to your business. Together, we can design a very simple, beautiful and compelling powerpoint presentation that expresses the heart of your brand. The slide show can accompany your speech, whether it’s a sales pitch or a Ted talk. Having designed Powerpoint presentation to some of the largest brands in the US, I am very comfortable with this platform.