Realise your Personal Power

I offer four simple methods that enable you to discover who you are. Once you discover this, you no longer need to look for something on the outside to complete you. You will realise you are complete unto yourself. With this as a foundation, you will feel and know what is right or wrong for you and make decisions accordingly. 

Method 1 - Surrender

This practice is about becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions. As you notice them, you ask yourself one simple question - who am I? With enough practice, you can witness them all come and go. You don't identify with any of them. What remains is a palpable presence. A stillness. You have become no-thing and and discovered true freedom. This gives you the foundation to participate fully in the world - your relationships, your job, your passions and projects - while realising you are not of the world. 

Method 2 - Transformation

This practice is also about becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions. However, instead of witnessing them in non-attachment, you completely identify with them. You express exactly what you are experiencing in some appropriate way by speaking, singing, moving, dancing, writing, etc. As you do, you bring to the surface any trapped feelings or behavioural patterns lurking in the shadow, enabling you to release them from your system. You will now feel more alive, integrated and ready to follow your passions. 

Method 3 - Intention

This practice is about choosing how you wish to be. This might be joyful, grateful, loving, intense, curious or anything else. It doesn't matter what you choose. The point is it is your freedom to become whatever you wish as you go about your daily activities. Your commitment is to the energy you bring to your actions rather than the outcome. And no matter what happens on the outside, you remain true to your intention to become what you choose, just like a tree that remains rooted in spite of the wind. 

Method 4 - Devotion

The practice is very beautiful. You simply offer yourself to a person or project and serve them with all your heart. You give of yourself totally, within whatever time frame you can, to be of service. Devoting yourself to someone or something else has the power to break so many limited patterns and blocked energies in your system. You might find yourself filled with tears and enriched by meaning when volunteering yourself in such an unconditionally loving way. 

Benefits include: 

  • Dissolution of fears and judgments

  • A deep sense of inner peace, stillness and freedom

  • Unconditional love

  • Energised with purpose and zeal

  • Knowing and feeling what you want and don't want

  • A personalised meditation and practice that is tailored for you