The 8P Octagon Map


There are many ways to use the Octagon. You can go forwards, beginning with you (1) and ending with your customer (8). Or you can work backwards, beginning with your customer (8) and ending with you (1)

Numbers 1 - 4 engage with your internal world and how the business is brought to life through you. Numbers 5 - 8 engage with the business itself.

The point is to create a seamless connection between all 8 points, enabling you to transform your life passion into a thriving business.

(1)  YOUR POWER – How to maximise your energy?

Whatever project you undertake, you are going to need power. The greatest asset in your business is you so that’s where we start and that’s what we want to maximise.

  • What drains your energy? What gives you energy?

  • What changes do you now want to make?

  • What resources do you have to drive your business?


(2) YOUR PASSION – What inspires you?

Your passion is what brings you alive. It's what you love. The butterflies in your stomach. It's a sensation in your heart. It's what you'd do if you didn't have to do anything. It's something that you yearn to express from the very depths of you. 

  • What do you value?

  • How and where do you spend your time?

  • How and where do you you want to spend your time?


(3) YOUR PERSONALITY – Where does your talent lie?

Your personality is what you’re good at without trying. It is your archetype. It is something innate in your character that comes easily to you. For your business to succeed, you want to channel your power and passion via your natural talents.

  • What is your personality archetype?

  • What skills come to you naturally?

  • How can you improve and develop your craft?


(4) YOUR PURPOSE – What is your true calling?

Your purpose is quite simply your mission statement. Take all your power, passion and personality, everything that brings you alive, and condense it into one succinct statement. This is going give any project that you do the focus, clarity and direction that it needs to become a success.

  • What is your life-passion and true calling?

  • What would you like to offer the world?

  • What do you want to leave behind?


(5) YOUR PRODUCT – What is your client buying?

Your product is what your customer actually buys. Spending time getting this right will give your revenue stream a solid structure. Pricing needs to be both fair and competitive. Packaging needs to reflect your brand. Terms need to be carefully considered in order to meet both the needs of your customer and yourself.

  • What is your product / service?

  • What are your prices and margins?

  • What are your terms (times, location, delivery, cancellation, etc)?


(6) YOUR PLATFORM – What is your base?

Your platform is your base. This can be your website, shop, home. It’s also your distribution centres and your marketing channels. And it’s also your financial setup, resources and members of your team. It's basically any structure that houses your products and services. This needs needs to be set up and designed in such a way that it expresses who you are, functions properly, is simple to use, and attractive to your customer. 

  • Describe how your website / office / shop looks and functions?

  • Describe your marketing platforms and distribution network?

  • What is your financial setup?


(7) YOUR PROMOTION – What is your message?

Your promotion is the content you are providing to your customers. words, photographs and video. Ultimately you are serving your customers so the content we use also needs to be sensitive to them, their language and expectations, while at the same time being true to your brand. Authenticity is key. The benefit of having already spent quality time clarifying your power, passion, personality, purpose, product and platform, is that your business is now magnetic. It is connected to your very core.

  • Do you have quality content for social media channels, newsletters, blogs?

  • Do you have good About statements and testimonials?

  • Are you ready to present and speak at live events and on film?


(8) YOUR PEOPLE – Who is your customer and what do they need?

Without clarifying your customer, your business is just a fantasy. These are the people you wish to serve. It’s important to clarify who you actually want to serve, narrowing your target market by profession, age, background etc. What do they need? What do they really need? Where do they live? Where are they from? What are their expectations? 

  • Who is your customer?

  • What do they need?

  • What do they really need?